FAQ – frequently asked questions

Hey, I know that! That's Anno 1602.
No, but I try so it looks like Anno 1602. The graphics und game mechanics should be like the classic. Many details were mimicked one-to-one. But there are also examples where I made improvements, such as all buildings' graphics are available for all views.
Is the game freeware?
Even better. OpenIsles is free software! I. e. the software does not only costs nothing, but rather gives you the freedom to improve it as you wish and the opportunity to contribute.
How can I play?
Currently the game is in a very early stage of development. There is not yet a build you can simply download and get going with. If you are curious, you can download the source code from the GitHub repository and compile it yourself.
What do I need to compile the game?
For compiling you'll need
  • GCC
  • CMake (2.8.12+)
  • PHP (for the script generating the translation files)
  • as well as the necessary libraries
    • gettext
    • libSDL2
    • libSDL2-image
    • libSDL2-mixer
    • libSDL2-ttf
    • libLua (5.3+)
    • Google Test (optional, if you want to run the tests)
    • Doxygen (optional, if you want to generate the documentation)
  • Blender (optional, if you want to modify the graphics)
What can I do when I've found a bug?
It's very likely you'll encounter bugs or features that are not yet fully finished. At lot of these I know already. But surely there are those I do not know. In GitHub open an issue and let me know what you've found.
I have Windows. Can I use OpenIsles despite?
Ha Ha! Essentially OpenIsles is built for Linux. But the used tools and libraries are cross-plattform and also available for Windows. The file /doc/windows-build/HOWTO.txt contains instructions to get OpenIsles running with CLion and Windows 7. Certainly it will work manually without the IDE.