Videos from the game and development, ordered chronologically. The most recent videos are at the top.

August 6, 2016:
Hello world, AI. The AI builds roads from the office, places a forester's and links it to the road network. After that it wildly places some houses.

June 10, 2016:
Buildings' graphics can now be animations. Here one can see the grain mill as her wind wheel starts to rotate after the carrier has got the necessary goods from the grain farm.

May 29, 2016:
The demolish mode finally is done. Now built structures and buildings can be removed again.

April 16, 2016:
The houses advance. At the moment still very deterministic one by one. Ordinarily the inhabitants would decline because of unfulfilled needs and food, but this does not happen yet. Instead the advancement processes only slowlier.

May 17, 2015:
Shows the growing algorithm. Forest and fields are built and one can watch them growing.

October 14, 2014:
Very early stage of development when something is moving for the first time. The video shows a carrier taking his first steps.